My Music

I have been playing and composing my own music for a while now. I like unique and original sounding electronic music. I never try to create a specific style, I just start to create and let the music go where it wants. This means that I have a wide variety of styles, all unique in their own way. Have a listen to a few of them below.

Electro-Music 2012

This is my live performance from Electro-Music 2012 in Hugenot, NY. I used Ableton Live as a controller and played along and tweaked the synths. No software synths, samples or recordings were used.

Wave Dancer

Soothing lush pads provide the atmospheric backing for a progressive dance melody.


Piano leads a synth ensemble through this melancholy journey.

First Reason

A catchy funky tune with a driving dance beat and eerie undertones.


A driving bass line and synth leads compliment this big beat track.


Dark ambiance surrounds deep bass in this atmospheric tale of despair.


Syncopated synths are joined by a mono lead in this electro-retro frolic.