Fishing History

I have loved fishing ever since I was a child. I mainly fish for bass, but I also enjoy catching panfish on ultralight gear.

When I started working, I was lucky enough to get a job shooting and editing for Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show. After working there for a few years, I started to also do website development work for them. Eventually, I took those new skills to WFN: World Fishing Network. I schedule, create and post content on WFN’s website.

These two jobs, plus fishing in my spare time, has given me the opportunity to fish in many different bodies of water for various species. I will be giving updates from my fishing trips here as they happen. I don’t enjoy ice fishing, so all of my updates will be during the open water season.

In the meantime, enjoy some pics of my bast catches.

Lake Baccarac Bass

7.4lb largemouth bass caught at Lake Baccarac, Mexico.

Big Ontario largemouth bass

Big Ontario largemouth bass.

Sturgeon Lake muskie

Sturgeon Lake muskie.

Toronto Harbour pike

Toronto Harbour pike.

Lake Simcoe perch

Lake Simcoe perch.

Lake Simcoe smallmouth bass

Lake Simcoe smallmouth bass.

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