Electro-Music.com March Equinox Live Streaming Event

Tune in on March 21 starting at 15:00 GMT

Tune in on Saturday March 21 starting at 15:00 GMT to hear a variety of electronic and electro-acoustic music performances. This year’s event is packed with many new artists making their debut performance on the stream. Tune in by visiting radio.electro-music.com and clicking to play Radio 1 – Primary Stream.

Electro-Music.com March Equinox Live Streaming Event

Howard Moscovitz, Founder of Electro-Music.com, explains the importance of the event. “Since the dawn of time humans have celebrated the equinoxes and solstices, milestones of our planet’s journey though the cosmos. On Electro-Music.com composers in studios from all corners of the world mark these days by sharing our live music in global streaming concerts, for ourselves and the larger community of all humanity.”

Jacob Watters, Program Director for Electro-Music.com, enjoys listening to the events and hearing new artists. “These live streaming events are a great way to discover new talented electronic musicians,” explains Watters. “Some of my favorite artists are ones that I first heard during previous live streaming events. I now follow them on Soundcloud and Facebook, and I purchase their albums as they are released.”

Join the Fun

Join the chatroom during the event and particiatpate in the discussion with other listeners. You will also have the chance to chat with artists after their performances. More information on how to join the chatroom can be found at http://electro-music.com/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Site.Chatroom

About Electro-Music.com

Electro-Music.com is an online community for electronic and electro-acoustic musicians. It is a multifaceted site with a streaming radio station, chatroom and forums. The forums include sections for music, specific instruments and manufacturers, as well as an extensive DIY section. Electro-Music.com also hosts several annual events where electronic musicians gather for seminars and performances.

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